Boston in the springtime

We spent a May week in Boston this year. It was a delightful time. Holly was there for the Heart Rhythm conference, and Stella and I were there for fun. The weather was cool but very pleasant. We stayed in a nice hotel on the Charles River in Cambridge. With our all-access transit passes we rode the trains all over the city, and well into Cambridge. We still logged three or four miles a day on foot, but the rides are a welcome repreive for weary feet.

The evening that we arrived I rushed off to Game 5 of the second round of the Stanley Cup, between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes. The first day in Boston we took the historic route and did the usual sights. After our walking day on the Historic Trail, we decided to spend Tuesday morning at a more leisurely pace. A good decision. Wednesday was museum day. Thursday was a day to kick back...and swim...and find some comfort food. Friday was our last day in Boston and we decided to spend it in the park.