nothing common about boston common

Our last day in Boston, Stella and I saved for Boston Common. We thought it might be nice to spend the day there, and it was indeed nice. Stella proceeded to draw for hours...

The swans were there. We saw the swan boats too, but we just couldn't go there, they were a little scary in that this-must-be-what-hell's-like way. Being pedalled around a tiny absolutely still pond on floating park benches while people on their lunch hour watch was too much for our sensibilities.

But the swan nesting was very cool. Don't see that every day.

I also stumbled across a cute duck-lipped girl under a tree.

The fruits of a full day of drawing in Boston Common.

Geo Washington was also there...or Napoleon. It's hard to tell from this angle. Of course one of the highlights for me was the King and I Thai restaurant we found for lunch. It was so yummy we brought mommy back for dinner.

And on the way home from the Common this goose took shape.

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